Dutch’s American Era Variety 3-Pack


In a never ending pursuit for the perfect cocktail, Dutch’s American Era Cocktail Bitters are handcrafted using only the finest natural ingredients. Inspired by our nation’s colorful history, we’ve crafted bold new recipes blending unique flavors from each era to create a truly distinctive line of cocktail bitters. A perfect way to sample all flavors or to give as gifts, our Variety 3-Pack includes a 1 oz. bottle of Dutch’s Colonial Cocktail Bitters, a 1 oz. bottle of Dutch’s Boomtown Bitters, a 1 oz. bottle of Dutch’s ProhiBitters, and a recipe card with some of our favorite classic cocktails.

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Dutch’s Colonial Cocktail Bitters


This aromatic tincture is an essential ingredient for any home bar. Handcrafted in small batches using botanicals popular in the 18th century, the main ingredients – wild American Spicebush and Kinnikinnick leaf, were first introduced to early settlers by Native Americans acquainted with their fragrant properties. Dutch’s is the first to use these botanicals as a natural complement to modern cocktails. We draw flavors from around the globe to complete our recipe such as Hungarian angelica seed, Pakistani red rose petals, Gabon sandalwood, French lavender, American bitter orange peel, and Egyptian chamomile. Lastly, we add dashes of juniper, Mexican allspice, and real Ceylon cinnamon to round out the character of the spicebush. Dutch’s Colonial Cocktail Bitters have a pleasant bitterness up front, a complex spicy flavor base and floral top notes.

4oz – 52% ABV

Dutch’s Boomtown Bitters


“There’s gold in them thar hills!” The 19th century saw mining boomtowns springing up all across the country. Thirsty fortune-seekers were being introduced to carbonated soft drinks made from tonics claiming medicinal properties. Our Boomtown Bitters combines the ingredients of sarsaparilla and wintergreen popular at the time, with flavors representing American whiskies of the day such as coconut and oak from the maturing cask. It’s a bitters bonanza!

4oz – 60% ABV

Dutch’s ProhiBitters


There wasn’t a “dry” eye in the bar on the eve of Prohibition. Liquor was about to get pretty scarce and desperate measures were sure to be taken. As one of the easier spirits to produce, gin quickly became the most widespread bootleg liquor around. Inspired by the bathtub booze, ProhiBitters is a blend of flavors tailored to tweak that gin martini. Predominant citrus notes blend with licorice, hibiscus, ginger root and coriander to class up your own “juice joint” drinks.

4oz – 60% ABV

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Dutch’s DIY Cocktail Bitters Starter Kit

The comprehensive Dutch’s Spirits DIY Cocktail Bitters Starter Kit provides step-by-step instructions and all the key elements needed to make tantalizing cocktail bitters in the comfort of your own home. A hermetically sealed glass jar, stainless steel infuser ball, and two Boston round bottles are some of the attractive items included for long-lasting usage. And with two classic cocktail recipes and special blends of botanicals, this kit gives you the tools to create (1) 25 oz. batch of Citrus Ginger bitters, (1) 25 oz. batch of Aromatic bitters, and countless individual creations using your own botanical blends. For over two hundred years, bitters have evolved to add complexity and depth to cocktails. An essential component to any bar, these homemade bitters will make a welcome addition at home or as gifts for friends and loved ones.

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Dutch’s DIY Cocktail Bitters Bottling Pack

The Dutch’s Spirits DIY Cocktail Bitters Bottling Pack is a great compliment to our Starter Kit. Three 4 oz. Boston round bottles with droppers are included in this pack to provide additional bottling options once you’ve completed a batch of your handcrafted bitters. Each bottle makes a perfectly sized gift or you can keep them all for yourself as you build your personal bitters empire! Our set also includes three attractive labels to sign off on your creation.

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Dutch’s DIY Cocktail Bitters Botanical Refill


Our DIY Starter Kit provides all the hardware needed to make unlimited batches of homemade bitters. All you need to provide are the natural ingredients. The Bitters Botanical Refill Pack includes all the original botanicals needed to make (1) 25 oz. batch of Citrus Ginger bitters and (1) 25 oz. batch of Aromatic bitters.

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The Pomegranate Cocktail Crate


Crafted in very small batches, Dutch’s Pomegranate Bitters were released exclusively to Williams-Sonoma as part of a limited edition Pomegranate Cocktail Crate. A truly one of a kind product, Dutch’s Pomegranate Bitters is blended with aromatic botanicals such as Juniper, Clove, Coriander, Allspice and Rose Hips. Fruit and floral notes harmonize with earthy spices to produce a unique bitters well-suited for a wide variety of cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages.

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