Dutch’s Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine



Dutch’s Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine is a nod to that bottled lightning made in Dutch’s cavernous distillery, its stills burning beneath the fields of Harvest Homestead Farm in Hudson Valley, New York. This handcrafted, 100% Cane Neutral Spirit was produced in small batches from pure Demerara sugar using artisan copper pot stills.

The result: A clean, exceptionally smooth spirit. The nose bears aromas of cut grass and rich butterscotch. Succulent vanilla and grapefruit notes envelop the mouth and a medley of tropical fruit and maple flavors linger in a pleasantly long and smooth finish.

A truly versatile spirit, Dutch’s Spirits Sugar Wash Moonshine can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, and in a wide range of mixed cocktails. See our recipe section for inspired drinking.

750ml – 40% ABV

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Dutch’s Spirits Peach Brandy

Originally a farmhouse product made with surplus fruit, peach brandy was one of the most popular spirits in America throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Today, Dutch’s Spirits Peach Brandy is handcrafted in the same traditional 19th century style. Made from 100% New York State peaches, each bottle of this limited batch is hand labeled and numbered. Distilled in artisanal copper pots and aged in a combination of toasted American oak barrels, the nose invokes bright peach, vanilla, and tropical fruit aromas. On the palate, peach, brown sugar and baking spice flavors lead to a long finish of cigar, spice, and hints of oak. Best served neat, on the rocks, or in a deliciously historic cocktail.

750ml – 40% ABV

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