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  • Discover Dutch’s Treasure

    Discover Dutch’s Treasure

    An Original New York Distillery, Dutch’s Spirits was first “organized” in 1932 as an extensive bootlegging operation financed by the iconic mobster, Dutch Schultz. 80 years later, the distillery foundations and farm are being revitalized as a sustainable source of ingredients for our premium hand-crafted spirits.

  • Meet the Team

    Meet the Team

    Dutch’s Spirits team is a passionate group – each with unique insights and experience, yet possessing a singular purpose: to realize a shared vision of producing handcrafted artisanal spirits, one batch at a time.

  • Shaken, Stirred or On The Rocks?

    Shaken, Stirred or On The Rocks?

    We’ve put in countless hours developing some of these cocktail recipes for your enjoyment. Then we invited some of our top mixologist friends from around the country to do the same. Why don’t you get started on these, and we’ll keep adding as new ones roll out of the bar…er, lab.

  • Gallery


    Step into our past and envision our future. Photographs of the farm from yesteryear to today shed some light on our buried treasure. Check back often as we update our progress through photos and video.

Presenting Dutch’s Boomtown Bitters, Dutch’s ProhiBitters, and the Dutch’s American Era Variety Three-Pack!
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